Once inside the Deku tree go up the ladder to the left be carefull of the plant and go up the side untill you see a treasure chest open it to get the dungeon map then keep on going up untill you reach a door go in. There will be a new enemy the Deku Shrub so use your shield to deflect the seed it shoots at you then walk up to it. After you talk to it go into the next room and run all of the way across. Open the treasure chest and you get the slingshot when you are facing the treasure chest go left up the vines and open the trasure chest and get a recovery heart. Then you can go back down and Navi goes up above the door so lock on to her and then shoot your slingshot. A ladder will fall so climb up and exit. Once back in the main room go back to were the Dungeon map was and use your slingshot to destroy the spiders then climb up. Once on the top go all of the way up to the door open it. Now you are in a room with a torch on each side one of them on fire use the Deku stick to light the other one. Then press the switch and run directly across the platforms that pop up open the treasure chest and you get the compass then go to the floor of the room and destroy the big spider. Then go up and press the switch again then go foward and to the left on the platforms and open the treasure chest and behind the treasure chest is a gold spider destoy that and get a gold token. Head back to the main room once there destroy one of the big spiders and go look down at the spider web and jump on the middle of the web after you fall you will be in a room. In this room there are two gold tokens so shot your slingshot at the one on the vines and climb up to get the token. Then sho the one on the bars and roll jump to it. Then go to the platform close by and press the button to reveal a treasure chest open it then take your deku stick and light it and drop into the shallow water run and jump on the other platform and burn the webs there too. Go through the door and destroy the deku shrub and he will give you another hint. Then shoot the silver eye above the door with your slingshot.Go into this room and dive in the water and press the swich go back up and jump on the floating platform to the other side then destroy the big spider push the block and climb up and open the door. Now go into this room and destroy the plants then light the torches and go through the door. Next walk in the room and desroy the big spider in your way also destoy the ghoma larve that falls from the ceiling and light the torch and the farther cobweb. Then crawl into the room and push the block down to the left. Jump onto the lower platform. Notice this is the room with the two gold spiders so go back up to the torch light a deku stick and jump up on the block and press the same button you assigned in to on the spider web. When it burns away jump down and there is three Deku shrubs desroy the second one then the third then first and run up to it. Go through the door and you will se the boss see my boss giude.